Retreat Rules

General obligations of Guests and Visitors

Guests must

a) Comply with the Terms and Conditions, Rules and all instructions from the Manager, caretakers and security services during their stay;

b) Ensure that their Visitors comply with the Terms and Conditions and Rules;

c) Respect the residential amenity and security of the Retreat and other guests or neighbours;

d) Refrain from anti-social behaviour and not create noise which is excessive or offensive to other guests or neighbours at any time, especially between 10pm and 8.30am;

e) Comply with all parking regulations and ensure that they and their Visitors park in the designated parking spaces only; and

f) Notify the Manager of any damages, breakages, disputes or complaints as soon as is practicable.

Functions and parties

a) While we encourage you to enjoy your stay at the Retreat, we remind you that the Retreat is not a “party house” and anti-social or offensive behaviour, drunkenness and excessive noise are strictly prohibited; and

b) Any gathering, celebration or entertainment permitted at the Retreat must not disturb other Guests or neighbours or conflict with the residential amenity of the Retreat.

Accommodation, deck and balcony areas

Guests must

a) Keep the deck and/or balcony area attached to their accommodation clean and tidy at all times; b) Keep noise to a minimum after 10pm so as not to disturb other guests or neighbours; and

c) Close all windows and doors to their accommodation when absent from the Retreat so as to maintain security and prevent the possibility of rain and water damage.

Common areas

The swimming pool area, games room & BBQ areas are for the use of all Guests.

Guests must

a) Keep all common areas, including the swimming pool area & BBQ areas clean and tidy at all times;

b) Clean the BBQ and surrounding area after use;

c) Keep noise to a minimum after 10pm so as not to disturb other guests or neighbours;

d) Not use the swimming pool area after 8.30pm. Games room & BBQ areas between the hours of 10pm and 8.30am so as to avoid any disturbance to other Guests or neighbours; and

e) Ensure that no glassware is taken into the swimming pool area at any time.

Garbage and Recycling

Guests must

a) Dispose of garbage and recycling waste in accordance with the usual practice at the Retreat and utilise the allocated bins throughout the Retreat; and

b) Not leave rubbish in public areas or common areas.


Smoking is not permitted in any indoor area at the Retreat.


Pets are not permitted in any indoor area at the Retreat. Please refer to the Pet Policy for full details.

Consequences of non-compliance with the Terms and Conditions and Rules

a) The consequences of not complying with the Terms and Conditions and Rules can include enforcement action from the Owner, Manager, Security Services or the Police; and

b) Enforcement action could result in termination of permission to occupy the Retreat, eviction, loss of rental paid, deductions from security deposits and extra charges.


Departure arrangements

Prior to departure from the Retreat Guests must

a) Settle their account and return all keys to the Manager’s office by 10am. If a Guest requires an early morning checkout please settle the account the night before and leave the keys in the key box at the office prior to departure.

b) Clean the accommodation and wash dry and put away all dishes and crockery. Inventory lists are provided in each pantry and it is the Guest’s responsibility to ensure that all items are accounted for otherwise missing items will be charged at the replacement value.

c) Remove all garbage and recycling waste from the accommodation and place it in the allocated bins throughout the Retreat.

Emergency Contact

In the event of an emergency relating to the Retreat, please telephone the Manager on 0418 108 720


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