Pet Policy

Pet stay Agreement and Terms

There are a few simple rules and conditions of stay for pets while at The Retreat Port Stephens.

Please read this document carefully and by signing at the bottom you are agreeing to all of these terms:

• Under the Caravan Park and Camping Grounds Act and Regulations pets are NOT allowed in any accommodation or facilities at any time.

• The Park laundry, pool and barbeque areas are out of bounds to all pets at all times and under no circumstances may they be used for bathing pets.

• Daily fee is $8 per day or weekly is $40.

• Pets must be in no way aggressive or destructive.

• Only pets that have been declared are allowed onsite Owners must have control of pets at all times on a lead.

• Owners must pick up dropping after pets immediately Owners are to protect the native wildlife.

• Owners are to bring pets bedding and bowls.

• Pets should be in good health and free from fleas.

• We recommend that pets be undergoing a tick treatment.

• Pets must not be left alone, on-site, at any time during the guests stay unless arrangements have been made with Management.

• Pets must not be allowed to bark or indulge in antisocial or destructive behaviour.

• As the pet owner you accept full responsibility for any personal injury or damage caused by your pet whilst in our park.

• We do not permit large dogs or dogs that are registered as a dangerous breed.

• The manager reserves the right to ask any guest with a pet to leave immediately if the above rules are not complied with or the pet is causing a nuisance. If it is found that the pet is or has been inside the building then there is an additional cleaning fee and a treatment required. This is an extra charge of $100 which will be taken out of bond.

The Retreat Port Stephens - Pet Policy


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