guided meditation workshop port stephens

Life changing Goal setting guided Meditation Workshop Port Stephens

At this time of year, most people have in mind goals and aspirations for the year ahead. We are ALL gifted and talented… Capable of so much… Don’t let limitations hold you back.

When: Sunday, 31st January 2016. 2:30pm – 6pm

Where: The Retreat Port Stephens, well off the main road and surrounded by natural bushland. A quiet, secluded and peaceful location with access to the magnificent Dunes.

Who For: Anyone (men and women) who are committed to turning their dreams into realities.

Investment: Early bird tickets will be available until 15th January @ $65pp, thereafter ticket prices will be $79pp

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This workshop is run by Arwen of “Arwens Centre of BalanceArwens logo (2)

Arwen is a talented energy worker and Kahuna practitioner who has worked with many people from all walks of life, achieving astounding results. She assists people just like you, to achieve harmony and health in their lives, connecting mind, body and spirit, balancing the body’s energies and raising the natural vibrations to bring healing and calm. Arwen is passionate about filling our world with love, awareness and connectivity.

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Arewn is offering an incredibly self empowering workshop that will not only help you to realise and disconnect from things that may be holding you back, but to also realise and firmly set your future goals in place. Along with a new network of likeminded people, we will work together on the “how” to set, action and achieve your goals, bringing your own personal power back to were it should be… With YOU!

Deep guided meditation and subliminal messaging help to reprogram our subconscious, clearing blocks and filling us with the self worth and empowerment we need to reach our goals!

Take your power back, call what you want into your life… And come join in on a journey that will begin the very real transformation of your life. Exactly how you want it!

You will be a part of an intimate group of just 20 people, sharing positive energies to help support and believe in one another. Setting you up for success in whatever you want to achieve, whether it be in your self love, your business, your family, your health, whatever your dreams are, you will leave feeling motivated, empowered and with a new found sense of belief in yourself…… And techniques to take action

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